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All-in-one breakfast

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate breakfast might be…? what if there was a way to combine all your morning favourites into one dish! Worry not, Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor have you covered. This one is always a winner at the campsite or at home! Follow the instructions below and adjust the quantity of ingredients to suit your pan size and palette.
What you’ll need:
Cherry Tomato
Baby Marrows
What to do:
Prepare your ingredients by dicing the onions, baby marrows and tomatoes. Grate the cheese and slice the cherry tomatoes. Sautee the onions, baby marrows and tomatoes, when done put them aside for later. Lay the boerewors in a spiral in the pan and fry to taste. Next scramble your eggs separately and season with your favourite spices.
Now, add your onion, baby marrow and tomato mixture to the pan with the boerewors. Add the scrambled egg over the boerewors and simmer until roughly three quarters cooked.
When ready add the grated cheese and cherry tomatoes and cook until ready, sprinkle the top with parsley and serve!
Pro tip: serve with a side salad to win even more points!
Let us know how if you tried it and share your photos with us, we’d love to see them!

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