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About us

To know who Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor today you need to know where we came from...

The history of Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor is a storied one. In 1968 JP Du Plessis and Chris Conradie owned and operated Hospital Garage as young men. Wanting to take their families on holiday to Mozambique they decided to start trading in caravans alongside motor vehicles & fuel.

It was certainly the right decision as the caravan market entered a boom and the two soon needed to open a bigger premises. Thus, Caravan Mecca & Outdoor Living was born, trading in caravans of all shapes & sizes including Slipstream, Camp Pride, Voortrekker, Skipper & Venter caravans and trailers.

By 1970 Gypsey caravans were added to the mix and they began trading as Gypsey Caravans. In 1993 Jurgens approached them with an offer to pick up a Jurgens franchise. There was a conflict, however, with the current CI caravans franchise agreement and in order to solve the problem a new showroom was added to cater for the Jurgens caravans. Later another premises was added to the group operating the Sprite Franchise namely, Sprite Wonderland.

After moving all the businesses to a larger premises Gezina, the Pretoria Gypsey, Pretoria Jurgens and Sprite Wonderland companies were amalgamated into one business in 1996 – Pretoria Caravans cc.

Pretoria Caravans cc, now known as Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor went on to trade as one of the country’s largest caravan dealerships and camping goods shops for many years and is still known as the destination for trustworthy dealings, knowledgeable staff, quality caravans (new & used), excellent camping equipment and great service.

Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor is now one of the most respected caravan, camping gear and outdoor lifestyle retailers in South Africa and we strive to maintain that position with each and every interaction with our clientele, big or small.

Even though leadership has changed as the years have gone by, the core ethos and commitment to service and quality goods delivered with integrity has been passed down from the very beginning and remains to this day.