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A Taste of the Great Outdoors

  • Oxtail braised in Guinness

    Winter is upon us and nothing helps to beat back the biting cold more than a warm, decadent oxtail stew. We’re doing ours with a twist though … we’...
  • Camper's Cheesy Beer Bread

    Make your favourite camping meals at home during the lockdown with Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor! This time around we’re making some cheesy bee...
  • Camper's Jaffle

    ***** A Taste of the Great Outdoors ***** Few foods just work, anywhere and anytime. The kind of meal that’s always a favourite morning, noon or ni...
  • Camper's Omelette

    Here is one of Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor's favorite recipes for easy omelettes that you can make anywhere and spoil that special someone
  • Polenta Squares

    We’ve all been there… just as you stop at your destination you are greeted by the big eyes and hungry mouths of your beloved family and everyone is...
  • Stokbrood

    Pretoria Caravans is happy to announce our new series… A Taste of the Great Outdoors. In this blog series we will be posting recipes ideal for the campsite, caravan park or even your own backyard.