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A Taste of the Great Outdoors

  • Bacon & Beer Bread

    Everybody loves a good beer bread and we’re no different, so we decided to keep a dough mix handy in our shop for whenever our customers (or us) ha...
  • Beef & Beer Potjie with Dumplings

    Everyone loves a good potjie, and we have found a great recipe for a potjie that includes something a little different… beef, beer & dumplings...
  • Curry Mince Loaf

    We all love a good mince curry on bread, different forms of it can be found all around South Africa and is enjoyed by people of all different walks of life. This delicious recipe is a unique twist on the idea that is sure to impress while keeping a very South African dish alive and well this heritage month! It’s time to make a curry mince loaf!
  • Cheesy Pap Balls

    Quick, easy and delicious is often all you need for a snack or as a unique side dish to serve with dinner. This month’s recipe does just that and can be made at home in the oven or on the fire (in a fire safe baking pot/dish, of course). Let make some Cheesy Pap Balls!
  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    Camping is a time of fun and family, where great effort is put into delicious braais, sandwiches and all the outdoors fare your heart desires. Sometimes, however, you want something quick and easy to prepare as a snack or as a side dish that still has to fit that tasty holiday food mix! Seeing as more and more people are taking their air fryers camping with them, here is a fast and delightful stuffed mushroom recipe to whip together without breaking a sweat!
  • Breakfast Waffles

    Sometimes the simplest things prove to be the most versatile and the most fun for the family. This month we are making waffles and were making a waffle for every meal with our very own waffle iron available from Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor.
  • Cheese & Bacon Potbrood

    Not all recipes need to be complicated to make delicious food, this month we went back to basics and made a tasty bacon & cheese pot brood!
  • Peri-peri chicken livers, bone marrow & fillet steak

    Sometimes the most succulent, decadent & delicious foods can be made with a simple skillet, some bones and a fire... You don't need a chef's kitchen for this masterpiece of a meal. Read below how to make peri-peri chicken livers with bone marrow and fillet steak in nature's kitchen!
  • Valentine's Delights

    It’s the month of love where we do something special for the people who mean the most to us, and there’s nothing quite like sweet and decadent deserts made by you to let your significant other know you care. We’ve put together a range of sweet Valentine’s delights that you can make on their own, or if you’re like us make them all!
  • Fillet & Bone Marrow Burger

    There’s nothing more fun than a twist on a classic favourite. This month we will be making burgers using fillet steak and bone marrow! This is the ...
  • Spaghetti Braai

    It’s always fun to bring a little taste of home with you when you go camping. We’ve got just the recipe for you to make the campsite feel a little...
  • Liver and Steak Skilpadjies

    ***** A Taste of the Great Outdoors ***** There is no better way to celebrate Heritage Day than with some delicious traditional food. The Sk...