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Fillet & Bone Marrow Burger

There’s nothing more fun than a twist on a classic favourite. This month we will be making burgers using fillet steak and bone marrow! This is the perfect dish to impress your friends around the campfire or at home around the braai with these succulent burgers. The recipe below will fill four hungry bellies.


What you’ll need:

800 g fillet steak

4 hamburger rolls

olive oil

salt and pepper

4 marrow bone portions (approx. 10-12cm bone halved along its length)


2 sliced tomatoes

2 Sliced large, pickled gherkins

1 lemon

Chopped spring onions


What to do:


Begin by starting a big wood fire in your braai. Cut the steak into four equal portions and flatten using a meat mallet, roller or bottle and then coat the steak portions in olive oil. Season the bone marrow portions with lemon juice, salt & pepper.


Braai the steak and the bone marrow portions at the same time, making sure to cook all sides of the steak equally and cook to taste. When braaiing the bone marrow portions begin with the portions face down over the fire until the exposed marrow is golden brown, afterwards turning them over and braaiing some more until the marrow begins to bubble and can easily be lifted using a spoon. Lightly toast the insides of the rolls on the fire as well.


Finally, build your burgers with the lettuce, sliced gherkin, tomato adding the steak last spread the bone marrow potions over the steak and top with spring onions and little lemon juice. Season with your favourite condiments and serve on top of the now hollow bones for extra effect!

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