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Liver and Steak Skilpadjies

***** A Taste of the Great Outdoors *****
There is no better way to celebrate Heritage Day than with some delicious traditional food. The Skilpadjie (also known as Muise, Vlermuise and even Pofadder – for a really big one) is a traditional South African Liver dish cooked in caul fat or “netvet”. This method can even be dated back to Germany in the 1300’s!
Now, we know that not everyone likes liver so we’ve added a little bonus beef Skilpadjie recipe for you to experiment with as well!
Liver Skilpadjie:
What you’ll need:
Caul fat
Sheep liver (minced)
Onion x1
Soy sauce
Barbeque spice
Curry powder
Fresh garlic (crushed)
What to do:
Prepare your caul fat by letting it soak in lukewarm water so that it remains soft. Chop up the onion and mix it in with the crushed garlic, minced liver and add some salt, pepper, barbeque spice, a pinch of curry, some soy sauce. Roll the mixture into balls. Cut the caul fat into squares and wrap each ball in a square of caul fat which you can skewer with toothpicks to hold it together. Grill over a slow open fire and cook until the liver is done to your taste.
Steak Skilpadjie:
What to do:
Tenderised steak
Blue cheese
Yellow cheese (pick your favourite gouda/cheddar/etc.)
Bacon bits (fried)
What to do:
chop up your cheeses and prepare a mixture of the bacon bits with the chopped cheese. Cut the steak into rectangles, spice with your favourite steak seasoning on both sides and fold over in half. Skewer the folded steak in place with toothpicks and at one of the sides to create a “pocket” into which you add your mixture. Once your mixture is in place skewer the final side with toothpicks to seal the pocket on all sides. Grill over an open fire until the steak is cooked to your taste and enjoy.
Let us know how your Skilpadjies turned out in the comments below!

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