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Valentine's Delights

It’s the month of love where we do something special for the people who mean the most to us, and there’s nothing quite like sweet and decadent deserts made by you to let your significant other know you care. We’ve put together a range of sweet Valentine’s delights that you can make on their own, or if you’re like us make them all!
Dom Pedro:
What you’ll need:
- Vanilla ice cream
- Whisky (or a liqueur of your choice)
- Cream
- Dark chocolate, strawberries or whipped cream (as garnish)
What to do:
Mix the liqueur (We recommend a responsible amount), ice cream and cream in a blender until smooth. Melt some chocolate and lightly drizzle over the inside of a glass. Pour the mixture into the prepared glass, garnish and serve!
Chocolate milkshake:
What you’ll need:
- Vanilla ice cream
- Whole fat milk
- Cocoa
- Chocolate chips
- Whipped cream and shaved chocolate (as garnish)
What to do:
Add 2 cups of ice cream, ½ a cup of milk and 2 spoons of cocoa and ¼ cup of chocolate chips to your blender. Blend until smooth but be careful not to over do it as too much blending will end up in the milkshake losing its thickness. Pour out into a glass and garnish before serving.
Chocolate dip marshmallow & strawberry skewers:
What you’ll need:
- Strawberries
- Marshmallows
- Milk chocolate
- Skewers
What to do:
Melt the chocolate and add to a bowl. Dip the strawberries and marshmallows in the melted chocolate and refrigerate until firm. Skewer the strawberries and marshmallows alternating between them and serve.
What you’ll need:
- Oil
- Flour
- Active dry yeast
- Unsalted butter (room temperature)
- Egg yolks
- Whole fat milk
- Kosher salt
- Granulated sugar
- Ground cinnamon
- Milk chocolate
- Powdered sugar
- Large round cookie cutter
- Small round cookie cutter
- Fry thermometer
What to do:
Activate the yeast by sprinkling it over a small bowl of warm water. Add a pinch of granulated sugar and set it aside for approximately 5 minutes until it begins to foam. Add the flour, sugar, salt, milk, butter, egg yolks and yeast to a mixing bowl and stir together into a mixture. Knead the dough with a mixer for 3-5 minutes until the dough is soft but not sticky.
Cover the bowl with plastic and leave in a warm place to rise. It should double in size after about 1 ½ hours. When ready roll the dough to about 2 cm thickness. Use the large cookie cutter to cut out your doughnuts and the small one to cut out the centre holes. Cover them with a towel for another 30 minutes and allow them to rise further. They should look slightly puffy.
Heat oil in a pan, enough that the doughnuts can float while they fry. Using the fry thermometer heat the oil to 180 degrees Celsius. Fry your doughnuts for a minute on each side. When each one is done allow them to rest on a baking sheet on top of paper towels and coat them with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. If your temperature drops below 180 degrees simply allow it to heat up again before adding the next doughnut.
Melt the milk chocolate and glaze each doughnut or if chocolate isn’t your thing glaze it in whatever you like best!
We hope you enjoy making these delightful treats for you loved one.
Let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below.

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