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Bacon & Beer Bread

Everybody loves a good beer bread and we’re no different, so we decided to keep a dough mix handy in our shop for whenever our customers (or us) have a craving. We like to add a twist as well, check out how we made ours below…


What you’ll need:

1x 600g Bakepac dough mix from Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor
400ml beer
200g bacon
Chopped garlic
Fresh rosemary sprigs

What to do:

First start by par-cooking the bacon in a pan, this is just so you are guaranteed well cooked bacon in the bread. Set the bacon aside and dice up into bits. Next add the Bakepac dough mix into a mixing bowl along with 3 heaped teaspoons of chopped garlic and rosemary pulled from the sprigs. Add the bacon and a dash of salt and mix the ingredients into the dry dough mix. Afterwards add 400ml of beer (room temperature is best) and begin to mix it into the dough until evenly mixed in.

Grease a bread pan/pot using your favourite method. Add the dough to your bread pot/pan and cover the mixture for 60-90 minutes to allow the dough to rise. Put your pot on the fire or the pan in your oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes – you may have to monitor it more frequently on the fire. Test the bread with a toothpick in a few places, if it comes out dry the bread is ready to enjoy!

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