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Braai Pie

It’s the long weekend and it’s time for fun, family and food! You don’t want to spend all day making food, however, You also want to enjoy the break! We have an easy recipe for you that won’t take all day but will be sure to impress! This weekend we are making a braai pie!
What you’ll need:
2 rolls of puff pastry
1 egg
Cheese griller sausages
Cheddar Cheese
Bacon (optional)
mushrooms (optional)
What to do:
Take out your pastry to defrost, try to avoid the microwave as it can lead to the pasty becoming soggy.
While the pastry defrosts prepare your relish ingredients by chopping up your onions and tomatoes (and if you desire some mushrooms, peppers, bacon, etc.) then mix it in with the chutney. Fry your ingredients together and leave your relish to cool.
Braai the cheese grillers over a fire and set them aside to cool. Prepare some coals to on the side that are not too hot (the same heat you would use to make braai boodjies.
Coat a grid with oil or a non-stick cooking spray and roll out one roll of puff pastry onto the grid. Top the pastry with your relish and grillers, then add spices to taste.
Fold your second roll of puff pastry over the top of your fillings and pinch closed the sides to the bottom pastry. Give the pastry an egg wash. Gently close the braai grid and try to avoid putting too much pressure on the pie (ie. don’t latch it).
Cook your pie over the coals you prepared earlier for roughly 15 minutes, turning regularly. When ready slice the pie into wedges and serve!
This is a great recipe to experiment with, let us know what fillings you put in your braai pie in the comments!

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