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Easy Cheesy Mussels

The decadent and delicious don’t always have to be difficult to pull off. Sometimes it is surprising how simply one can make something amazing… This month we’re making some easy cheesy mussels, and it’s so simple anyone in the family can make it (with some supervision of course…).

What you’ll need

Spring onions
1x Fresh clove of garlic
1x “Cook-in” cheese sauce
1x Block of blue cheese
Bread of your choice

What to do

Begin by crushing the clove of garlic. Add the garlic, cheese sauce and block of blue cheese to a frying pan on a low heat and allow the blue cheese to melt while stirring regularly. Next add the mussels to the melted cheese and cook for 15 minutes on a low heat while continuing to stir regularly. Once done serve with a garnish of parsley and spring onion, and your choice of bread.

Let us know in the comments if you tried our recipe and share your experience with us!


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