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Sweet Valentine's Surprise

*****A Taste of The Great Outdoors*****

Valentine’s Day is about love, romance and, of course, sweet treats! Many caravans these days are equipped with a microwave oven and that means we can make cakes even while we are out camping! So, this month we challenge you to surprise your loved one with a sweet valentine’s surprise sponge cake made with a microwave oven.

Making microwave camping cakes is also a great activity to keep the kids busy with a fun and tasty project.

What you’ll need:
·       2 eggs
·       150ml oil
·       150ml milk
·       150g sugar
·       Vanilla essence
·       1 cup plain flour
·       3 tsp baking powder
·       200g butter/margarine
·       500g Cream cheese
·       500g Icing Sugar

What to do:
Start by mixing the eggs, oil, milk, sugar and 5ml vanilla essence with a hand whisk until well mixed. Then sift and fold in the flour and baking soda.

Next line a 20cm round casserole or plastic container with paper towel. Add the mixture to the container and microwave on high 5-6 minutes, keeping an eye on it to make sure it does not overcook (The cake should look slightly wet on the top).

Prepare the cream cheese frosting by beating the butter and cream cheese together until it is nice and creamy. Then, add some vanilla essence and stir well until fully mixed in. You should be able to frost two layers of cake.

Pro tip: mix the frosting at home and keep in the fridge until needed, simply beat it again until creamy. We added some additional decorations with Kit Kat chocolates, but we would love to see your cakes and decorations in the posts below!

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