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Snappy Chef

Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor is excited to introduce our new monthly Product Focus!

Each month we will discuss why we choose certain products, our focus on quality and we will get some feedback from the suppliers themselves.

 So, without further ado let’s talk about Snappy Chef!

 Snappy Chef are specialists in induction cooking. For those unfamiliar with the term, induction cooking makes use of a magnetic current to directly heat up pots and pans. Using this process, the cookware is heated directly instead of indirectly.

 When we spoke to Snappy Chef about why anyone would need an induction stove they quickly explained why induction cooking is so beneficial.

 “Our induction stoves generate heat directly in the base of the cookware, by creating a magnetic field. Due to this ingenious way of heating, you save up to 50% on electricity and cook 64% faster than a normal, electrical stove! Only the base of the cookware heats instantly, making induction cooking both faster & safer than conventional or gas cooking.”

 These benefits are ideal for use when camping or daily use at home being more cost effective and efficient to run. Less energy consumption is good for the environment, puts less strain on the unstable national electricity grid and is kinder to your pocket. Not to mention that the Snappy Chef is extremely well priced for the quality of product you get!

 Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor have long stocked Snappy Chef products not only because of their quality but because of the broader product range that provides you with everything you need to replace conventional cooking with induction. When we asked Snappy Chef about their range they had this to say:

 “Snappy Chef is all about induction, making us the leading specialists in this area. In addition to our appliances, our brand includes a wide range of cookware, kettles & knives that caters to all segments of the market- from camping & travel, to household stoves & cookware, right through commercial catering- we have it all!”

 Snappy Chef is available from Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor and if there is an item we don’t keep on our show floor we are able to get anything in the Snappy Chef range quickly.

If you are considering making a change from conventional cooking to something more economical and sustainable then you should seriously consider the Snappy Chef, visit us at our premises in Pretoria to view the product itself and have our friendly, knowledgeable staff advise you on the right fit for your needs.