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Why should you buy from a dealership?

Everyone wants to save a few bucks, and a good deal is difficult to resist. There are,however, major pitfalls to buying from unknown private sellers rather than purchasing a quality, vetted product through a dealership.


The old adage of ‘You get what you pay for’ is very true in this scenario. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Private sellers are seldom industry professionals, nor do they have anything truly invested in the selling of the caravan (beyond, of course, making some money off the deal). A bona fide dealership, however, not only relies on maintaining their reputation within the ranks of its competition, but also makes use of highly-skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields.


What do you pay for when buying from the dealership? One of the primary benefits you will encounter is knowing that the dealership employee you deal with is – at the end of the day – a representative of that specific dealership. As such, there is a mutually-shared interest in preserving the trust dynamic. You want to know that the people with whom you’re dealing are being as honest as possible, and the dealership wants to ensure that its reputation remains untarnished and its credibility is always intact. This is especially true of a niche market such as caravanning and camping where the competition is fierce and tough. A small percentage of what you pay goes to ensuring that the dealership is paying someone else for his or her specific industry knowledge.


Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that by the time that a caravan hits the sales floor, difficult to discern issues such as wood rot – as one example – has been identified and/or eliminated. A reputable dealership will put all of their caravans - new and used - through a rigorous inspection and evaluation ensuring the caravan’s quality as well as its safety is in line with strict standards.  Moreover, the dealership offers far more than a private seller could by way on advice, financing options, and aftersales services. These services include repairs, maintenance, or improvements to your chosen caravan.


Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor is a dealership that has been operating since 1968, which let’s you know we are well established, highly experienced and, most of all, trustworthy. Not only is Pretoria Caravans & outdoor committed to offering the best quality products and service to its customers but we have doubled down on this commitment and adhere to the Motor Industry Ombudsman Code of Good Practice to ensure that our customers can have peace of mind, knowing they are dealing with an honourable and reputable company.


Pretoria Caravans & outdoor is also trusted by the major caravan manufacturers of South Africa to operate as dealers of their new caravans. As specialists in new caravan sales (as well as pre-owned) Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor are always at the forefront of modern caravan technology with our finger always on the pulse. We are proud dealers for new Quantum Caravans, Sprite Caravans, Stealth Caravans, Vagabond and others. As accredited dealers of these premium brands you can also be assured that you will have aftersales support, advice and assistance as well as a manufacturer’s warrantee ensuring that you to not get left alone after making your purchase.


It isn’t easy to part with one’s hard-earned cash these days. But wouldn’t you rather do so knowing that what you are purchasing is truly worth it?