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Quick Peace Soap Bar

Quick Peace Soap Bar

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140g Glycerine based bar, with Wild Sage and Citronella

Can be used to wash from head to toe (as a shampoo and body/face wash)

Active for up to 12 hours as an insect repellent, especially against mosquitos, flies, sand fleas and tics

  • Can be used dry, directly on exposed skin for extra protection against insects
  • Very effective as a healing agent on insect bites, small injuries (eg. cuts and scrapes) and will calm inflamed skin
  • Safe to use on children and even animals
  • Safe for a sensitive skin
  • Can be used daily or for the outdoors
  • Very refreshing and soothing
  • A three in one product – Cleanse (head to toe), Protect (insect repellent), Heal (minor injuries/anti-septic/anti-inflammatory)
  • Easy product to travel with
  • Cost effective for consumer